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New features: file sharing and desktop audio

We’ve just released a new version of USE Together. Among many bug fixes and improvements, we’ve added two great features you will surely enjoy!

File sharing

Integrated to the messaging zone, you can now share any file with all your team. Create the most awesome presentation together with your team, thanks to USE Together multiple users support. When you’re done, simply send them back the slides directly from USE Engine. They can in turn send you any file.

Confidentiality of all documents shared is preserved: 95% of the screen sharing sessions on USE Together are made through a P2P (peer-to-peer) architecture, with no gateway between the screen shared and the clients accessing it. The last 5% are when a restrictive firewall or NAT configuration prevents a direct connection: in this case, our own servers are used as gateways but even then, the communication can only be decrypted on each end. We cannot see anything even if we wanted to.

Desktop audio

Your team can now hear what is coming out of the speakers, thanks to USE Together new desktop audio streaming feature. Imagine listening to a podcast remotely and being able to comment it in real time. Or editing a video together with your team. The possibilities are now endless with this feature! Your whole desktop can be shared through USE Together, with still no need to download anything when accessing a screen sharing session.

Download USE Engine here and start being productive right away, together with your team.

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Introducing USE Together

Sharing your screen with teammates, partners or even customers has been a huge productivity enhancer trick over the years. Being able to show your work, discuss about it on the fly without having to transfer any data is an amazing feature and surely avoid many frustrating moments.

Screen sharing should be easy

However, screen sharing can be painful sometimes, when you have to explain to a non-technical person how to join you on your screen, ending up assisting him/her to install the screen sharing solution itself so he/she can assist you in turn on your work. Without physically seeing your teammate, things don’t get any better when you try to actually collaborate on your work, misunderstandings are more likely to occur: “put that image more to the left, no not like this, no, wait, too far…”.

More than screen sharing, a collaborative workplace

That’s where USE Together comes into play, thought for super easy, completely collaborative screen sharing sessions. Joining someone on a screen has never been so headache-free, from a simple web browser with no software nor any plugin to install! Indeed, you will only be required to install USE Engine software if you want to share your screen, transforming your machine into a collaborative workplace where each user has its own mouse cursor and can simultaneously manipulate your apps and data in real time with you.

In fact, USE Together can be used for everything, being as simple as remotely editing your pitch slideshow with your partner, presenting your work in progress webdesign to your customer so he can show you clearly with its own mouse cursor what element needs to be changed, or to do some remote pair programming and code reviews. Our team members have even used USE Together to develop it on its latest stages, reducing drastically endless meetings to discuss about how a particular feature should be implemented and to be able to live-tweak it.

As fast as if you were in front of the screen

Furthermore, we wanted to make screen sharing as fast and smooth as possible in USE Together, with the implementation of what is commonly used in scientific remote visualization solutions: hardware encoding acceleration. We have brought NVIDIA GPU low latency encoding support (other technologies coming later) into USE Together, for an amazing remote desktop experience as if your teammates were here with you in front of your screen. No more 5 FPS screen sharing sessions, you can watch videos with all your team in real time with USE Together!

USE Together is currently in beta and available for free during this period, feel free to try it and don’t hesitate to send us your feedback on our subreddit or at If you would like to be informed about our latest news and updates, please .

Happy screen sharing 🙂

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