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7 reasons to work remotely

Work does not need to be done in a specific place to be realized efficiently. Several workers clearly prefer to work comfortably from their home or anywhere they want. Nowadays, with the rise of new technologies and new tools, remote work (also called telecommuting) is becoming the new traditional way of working.

According to recent studies, 25% of Americans work remotely few hours a week outside their office. (Source : Companies tend to allow more their employees to work away from their office. For some employers, results are actually more important than the amount of time their employees spend in their office.

With the rise of Internet and communication tools, working remotely is a breeze. In this article, here are seven reasons why it is good for a business to work from home… or anywhere you want!

1. Your office is not your only workplace anymore.

In our interconnected world, anything can now be accomplished with a laptop and WiFi. This connectivity allows everyone to communicate easily with their friends, colleagues, customers everywhere they want: in the train, by the sea, in the mountains and so on.

Workplace should not be limited to an office in which you’re stuck all day long. Remote work allows everyone to work wherever they want, in a place where they feel comfortable and productive, without geographic boundaries.

If you have children, no need for a baby-sitter, stay at home and take care of them. If you have to travel for professionals needs (or just to travel), work from home or even abroad and forget about the time zones! . Tools like USE Together give you the ability to work outside your office as you are able to work anywhere you want. All you need is a device connected to the Internet.

2. Set your own schedule.

Remote workers say that they feel more productive when working away from their office. They use flexible working hours and work when they are most productive. By working remotely, you can be your own boss and set your own schedule so you can combine work with all your personal life (family, friends, hobbies and more) and professional responsibilities. Remote workers can (and might) take few minutes breaks whenever they want. To work remotely with USE Together, all you need is a device connected to the Internet.

3. Don’t waste your time and money anymore!

Working remotely also implies saving time. No more early alarm clock every morning, no more public transportation, no more driving to go to your office, no more high fuel cost… but more productivity at home! You can even take time for a breakfast! Saving time and money is a big advantage of remote work and it makes workers happier. Workers are more productive when there is less tiredness and boredom.

Remote workers also cost much less for employers because they don’t have to rent an office if they don’t have the money to afford it.

As working remotely implies saving time, you can thus catch up on delayed work but also have more time to focus on one task. Tools like USE Together are perfect to work with your team without moving. This way, if you happen to be stuck at home, you can still collaborate with your teammates on important projects.

4. A better communication with your team.

When you’re at the office with your colleagues, you mostly talk about work with them. However, sometimes you come to have some other argues as the last Star Wars movie or the last football match. All that stuff that have nothing to do with work. Less distraction, more productivity.

Remote workers are well connected and can keep in touch with their team more easily. They often need to send reports to your colleagues and you only need to communicate essential informations about work and not other subjects. Some useful management tools allows you to instantly update your work when a task is over. No useless informations anymore while you’re working on a project.

5. Increase your productivity.

Here is definitely the best advantage of remote work: increasing productivity! Indeed, 91% of remote workers say they are more productive from home or another place than in their office. (Source: Forbes)

This is explained by the fact that they are more organized in their work as long as there are now several tools for organizing (to do list, calendars, memos, notepads, etc.) so they can stay focused on one task.

By working from home, remote workers are less distracted as long as their workplace are more quiet than an office. With USE Together, working from home with your team will help you to increase your team’s productivity and stay focused on your work as long as you’re working on the same support all together.

6. Be comfortable while you’re working.

Working in traditional office requires to be presentable and well dressed everyday. Whereas, at home or in a coffee bar, you’re free to wear whatever you want (yes, even pajamas!) while you’re writing a report or coding. By working with USE Together, you don’t have to worry about the way you dress since nobody can actually see you! Plus, you can go everywhere to be in a quiet place.

You can set up your own space and work from your bedroom, on your own desk or even in the couch.

7. Work remotely, work happily!

Remote workers tend to be less stressed and happier than office workers. Working remotely leads to more stable work condition, a higher level of productivity and… a best quality of life. Employees won’t feel constantly the need for vacations and the absenteeism rate is lower in a remote company.

Remote work increases work quality but also workers happiness because they get more involved and are becoming more and more empowered to work. That’s exactly why more and more workers choose to work with collaborative tools.

USE Together is a nice collaborative tool to work remotely with your team. With USE Together, you can work wherever you want, whenever you want with whoever you want without moving. All you need is a device connected to the Internet. USE Together is a perfect tool to increase your team’s productivity and stop wasting your time. Make your workplace more comfortable and feel at ease while you’re working with USE Together!

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